Well, the homeworks this week are not to much but the are interesting I need to do a poem FINAL ! Technology takes the world

Technology reach the goal        

Technology is like a large tree

With all his leaves.

Technology is a Bomb!

Technology is Wow!

For all those who

Care of  it,  it is like a Bomb !

Technology is useful

In medicines and more

And when you are sick

Technology offers more

 Technology with television

And HD vision

With ipods

Rock, pop and more

With computer

And all it torrents

With videogames

And all its games !


Technology with games

Technology with sports

Technology with songs

Makes the human like it almost.

well like you saw i am not very good :) but I do a poem ;) and the other homework was about an argument FOR or AGANIST I choose the topic about venezuela and i choose against

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