I think students and classes should visit my blog because my opinion its that is very interesting and it have some topics to argue in class like the one of 2012 and they too are very interesting for the children and I think in the posts I do i am refereeing to the mayority of the children some of the have the same thinking that is because the comments the children of all the world agree with me !

This post is for Challenge 1 in the march 2011 challenge

Hey, I think there will be a big difference between watching TV and or reading there are 2 things completely different one could be more entertainment but it can damage the head and the other is good for our head but its sooo boring ! so me have to do something about it  ! 
take your own decision !  

Hey, I have something in my head, It is the strange food 
I eat hamburger , meat , chicken , rice and more
but I also listen very strange names and I wanted to know what is it
Its food I have never taste,
I want to taste this type of food at least one time ! it look yummy 

So, our teacher sow us a video it was impacting ! did you know that the quantity of bottles that we drink can circle the world 5 times, but wait it is only USA imagine the percentage or how much turns does the bottle water done in all the world I think it is 100 turns, I also know the truth of a thing that I really dont have ever seen before a mountain of bottles in India that was shocking so  heres goes the video .....! 

Well, the homeworks this week are not to much but the are interesting I need to do a poem FINAL ! Technology takes the world

Technology reach the goal        

Technology is like a large tree

With all his leaves.

Technology is a Bomb!

Technology is Wow!

For all those who

Care of  it,  it is like a Bomb !

Technology is useful

In medicines and more

And when you are sick

Technology offers more

 Technology with television

And HD vision

With ipods

Rock, pop and more

With computer

And all it torrents

With videogames

And all its games !


Technology with games

Technology with sports

Technology with songs

Makes the human like it almost.

well like you saw i am not very good :) but I do a poem ;) and the other homework was about an argument FOR or AGANIST I choose the topic about venezuela and i choose against

So, I registered to a blog competition I am nervous because my rivals are almost "ALL THE WORLD"  it will be fun to win and represent CCB in an edublog competition I will be proud if i won so the thing that I need to do is WAIT! :)

So we think the world is going to end at 2012, Why ?  , through generations people had been discovering writings called  prophecies  or simply we can say it Nostradamus, Nostradamus is the one who creates  all this writings called  prophecies, people said that all the bad things that has happened in the world is because he, they say the world trade center attack, Titanic sinking, and more ! so its your opinion!! 

Hey , like I already said in my about me page I like very much traveling its one of my biggest hobbies ! the 2011 family travel is gonna be on a cruise ! I like it and I am so excited I just can wait for that day it is awesome ! and I put a widget were you can follow me my count down to that day ! thanks

HI, Saturday and Sunday this 2 days are only for sports I feel so tired I need a rest :) but theres something that recompose me well I will be going to my farm Its just awesome the big and beautiful landscapes in the way to my far, we play and we go on a trip through an special and beautiful landscape lake in Colombia. This are the type of landscapes that I see every time when I go to my farm :   

Hey, this week was very short and especial for me I have not argue with my mum I like it! another thing that I like this week is that I was one of the 4 people people that hand in the case study homework I like it ! so finally Thursday the day of intercasas in the school my team won by first time i like it very much so the next day Friday we dont have classes so this is my week  

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