Yesterday a professional publisher came in into mi class. I was thinking why is here?  I like how she explains the improvement of technology in the publishing area,  the videos she show us was very interesting.  A thing that I can learn  how the creators of that advertising in the street interacts with the people passing in the street.  I like it very much
All of us have an ordinary life, some of they very similar. All the days have something special, it can be good or bad. You can not hand a homework or you can handed it in a special and neat.  you can argue with your mum or your mum could congratulate if a homework is well done. You choose what is going to happen in your day it can be good or bad. All days have their eagerness  
So I made a Prezy about a boring topic, It was about my class, 6A. I didn't find images so I think that affects the presentation. I think I need to choose another topic that is interesting for other people, I also think my Prezi its a little boring because I dIdn't  put images and I dont know how to edit my presentationUnfortunately the new Prezi I have done in my house has not been saved. My next Prezi is going to be about me.

so I hope you like it. :)