Chaves needs to go !!



POV:  People in Venezuela need to overthrow Chavez from power.

Chavez has been governing Venezuela for 12 years.

Chavez has been governing Venezuela for all this years; it has been Governing because he wants it, doesn’t mean that the Venezuela citizens want it.. 

Chavez´s government has been providing a lot of insecurity to their citizens. There are soaring crime rates of crime and violence that live in the streets and the people don’t know where they can be secure.  In the last ten years over 130.000 people  "were killed”  in Venezuela

Chavez´s government  provide a lot of poorness to their citizens. If you are going in car on the Venezuelan´s streets you can see a very rich place and beside it an awful and deteriorated place.

Economy in Venezuela it’s not good. The large economy groups distrust  to invest in Venezuela fearing  of being confiscated or expropriated property.

Chavez´s  is not providing a good health system : the maternal mortality increased by 15%, this percentage is the biggest in America that demonstrate that the health system in Venezuela is bad, because is one of the indicators of global health.

Chavez´s government  is charges of violation of Human Rights: " According to the latest report by Human Rights Watch, published just before his expulsion from Venezuela, highlights the human rights violation that occurs in Venezuela. "



POV : People should eat junk food

Junk food can be useful to stop or reduce health problems

Junk food can be used to return a person having hypoglycemia to a normal blood range, we can say that to some people junk food is bad, but only the people who have diabetes.

Junk food can be used to recover fats or to gain them

Junk food can be useful for the people that lack of sugar, so the junk food gives them sugar, junk food can also be useful to the fat people, they can eat junk food and recover nutritionally.

Junk food can be useful to activate persons from depression or sleepiness

Junk food can be useful some times to activate people, we can say if someone is going to sleep we can give him or her a sweet ( preferable chocolate ) to do that him or her don’t sleep or don’t be depressed. 


Animals are a great company for humans, the play with us, and you will be feeling very fun. But notably humans don’t ask themselves what does the animal is feeling in a farm or in a house , but the humans think the animals have an extremely fun feeling too, they look like they are having this same feeling, who says that not, they have fun with us. Here in this text you are going to find what are the real feeling of the animal and what they are useful for. So should we have animals as pets ?

Notably the Animals are a great company for humans, they are also great friends and they are useful in security and entertainment. All the families should an animal in the house, it is a great friend if you have children, the dog will be a good company. They are also useful for security they can help in public places and events, searching or smelling drugs or simply replace a part of a condominium care man.

In the other hand animals should have freedom , humans have never asked what do the pets feel in a cage or in a little space or piece of ground. Some pets die because health problems, they eat too much and they don’t have space to run or simply the people don’t take them to a walk. Another concern between families and pets is the damage of the houses, there have been a lot of concerns about the families that have pets, pets have the capacity of damaging the house like furniture, porcelains and decorations, also some of the pets are very aggressive but some type of dogs only and if you have children you have to take him out of complete danger, another concern with pets is that they are difficult to sustain, imagine a poor family trying to sustain a dog with its 3 foods , the baths and more.

In conclusion the right thing to do is to have pets but with good care, giving them everything they need such us: food, baths , medicines or heath , and be caring with them and if people are not going to assume this responsibility because they don’t have money or simply if they don’t want. Finally it is good to have a pet however you need to give the right care to they, so the decision is yours SHOULD  WE HAVE ANIMALS AS PET